About Evolve HR Group

We saw a need to help HR Evolve.

Our Philosophy

At Evolve HR Group, we believe that for an organization to realize its full potential, the Human Resources function plays a key role as a solutions architect for people and growth. Organizations, by their very definition, are groups of people working together to achieve something they could not accomplish on their own. By focusing on the part of the organization tasked with bringing people together to facilitate those accomplishments, we believe we can help organizations achieve more than they ever believed was possible.

Our Process

It starts with discovery. This involves not only examining HR processes but also understanding your organization, business objectives, people, and culture. What is currently effective and where are the opportunities for improvement? We go through an extensive assessment process to learn about you so we can diagnose, design, advise, and facilitate real, impactful actions leading to the change you need and desire to win in today’s business landscape. 

Once we have an understanding of the current state and your desired outcomes, we get to work on solving the problems holding you back. We work alongside your team and engage with key stakeholders to develop a roadmap, tools, programs, and processes designed to eliminate gaps keeping your organization from achieving its potential. 

Finally, we walk alongside you by being your fractional, interim, or project HR, serving as a coach and mentor to HR and business leaders to achieve sustainability and long-term success.

How We Work

We come alongside our clients in a variety of capacities based on each client’s unique structure and needs:

  • 1) Fractional/Part-Time/Outsourced HR
  • 2) Short-term/Interim HR Support
  • 3) Project Based
  • 4) Coach, Advisor, and/or Mentor

Our People

Just like with your organization, we wouldn’t be who we are without our people. Our consultants are seasoned HR professionals who have worked extensively with executives and HR teams. 

We aren’t just extra hands or interim resources handling HR tasks; we diagnose, advise, coach, and provide services designed to support and transform your teams, creating a safe space to evaluate and improve your HR systems and processes.


Jill is the Founder, Client Advisor & CHRO at Evolve HR. She began is career in retail operations and moved into a successful 25 year career in Human Resources. Jill has worked as a VP HR and CHRO in global public companies to private equity back scale ups tasked with the development and execution of HR strategies to drive organizational growth and value creation for both the business and people.

Jill has extensive knowledge and expertise in transforming and scaling HR Operations, HR coaching, talent acquisition and organizational development along with deep expertise in M&A, integration, and at the same time building award winning employee experiences.

She has worked and served clients across a broad range of industries including professional services, technology, medical device, retail, supply chain and logistics.

Founder/Sr. Consultant


Jill is a seasoned professional adept at leading and designing startups and scaling HR service models. Known for her detail-oriented approach and strong organizational skills, she excels in multitasking and effective communication. Passionate about mentoring and coaching others for personal and professional growth, she is dedicated to making a positive impact on clients, peers, and the community.



As a seasoned HR, training, and organizational development professional. Kira’s expertise is working with clients to design positive employee experiences, increasing engagement, and creating custom training, and talent management programs to unlock capabilities and performance. Kira has a heart for service and community. She is actively involved and serves on several boards in the Muncie community.