Evolve Impact

The Evolve Effect

Here’s How It Works:

Example: Fractional CHRO-PE Backed Global Oil & Pipeline Inspection

The Landscape

  • The Company was recently formed by merging three industry players (US, Canada, UK). 
  • Rapidly growing and needing HR strategy and infrastructure but inexperienced HR resource.
  • Managers needing HR support, tools and training to be more effective leaders.

The Plan

  • Conduct an HR assessment and develop action plans to close gaps and achieve desired outcomes
  • Restructure & build the HR foundation to shore up compliance, bring efficiency, support scale and improve employee experience 
  • Develop a front line training program that provided education, resources and tools to assist managers with their day-to day role and responsibilities.
  • Be a hands on HR Coach & CEO advisor

The Outcomes

  • The outlined plan was accomplished to include building a high performing, trusted and diverse HR team, enabling technology solutions and improved employee experience, 
  • Established one company approach to HR
  • Expanded manager competencies and skills in the area of people management and employee engagement.
  • Improved employee satisfaction scores and scalable service delivery